Welcome to the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement's (OCOE) Education & Outreach Intake form!

If you would like have the OCOE present at your event, request cancer education, request a speaker, or anything else, please fill out the following form. Once submitted, the OCOE staff will review your request and approve based upon availability.

These are your following options to choose from:

  • Event Request: If you have a health fair, symposium, or any large gatherings where you are wanting to promote cancer/health related education and you would like the OCOE's presence there--with CECE :)
    • Please note, we will be happy to showcase CECE if it's a health related event towards health awareness.

  • Health Education: If you need cancer or cancer-related education material recommendations that you would like to hand out for your audience.
    • If you are looking for a more tailored cancer search for personal concerns, please visit the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service online at www.cancer.gov or via telephone 1-800-4-CANCER

  • Speaker Request: If you would like a content expert come present on a specific topic for your audience.

  • Letter of Support: If you are requesting a letter of support from the OCOE that supports your study or grant proposal. Must be geared towards a sense of community involvement.

  • Other: Any other request that you are wanting from the OCOE but not shown in the above options.

Note: If you are part of a research team that is interested in technical assistance or support with recruitment and retention for a study, please use the OCOE Recruitment & Retention Intake Form at https://redcap.link/ocoe_rrr.

Thank you for your interest in our program for your event needs.

-The OCOE Staff

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