In response to potential disruptions in community services and increased risk of opioid overdose during the COVID-19 pandemic, Public Health-Seattle & King County is providing temporary emergency supplies of injectable (IM) naloxone to community service providers for distribution to their clients. These supplies are intended for distribution to individuals who are likely to witness or experience an overdose. Please ensure these clients are educated on signs of overdose, how to respond, and how to use naloxone.

Please note:

  1. Your order will include all necessary supplies to easily assemble naloxone kits. They are not pre-assembled.
    • Each kit should be assembled with 2 doses (vials) of naloxone, 2 syringes, alcohol swabs, and instructions for use.
  2. To qualify for this service, your agency:
    • Must be located in and serve King County.
    • Must be a community service provider.
      Law enforcment, first responders, hospitals, and schools are not eligible. King County provides naloxone to these agengies only for the purpose of directly responding to an overdose event, not for secondary distribution to the public. Those supplies can be ordered here.
  3. Please do not order more than you can distribute within 1-2 months.
  4. Your order will be delivered in person. Someone must be present to receive the order.

If you need further assistance or have questions, please contact:

Troy Seibert


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