As of October 1, 2018, the new Tuberculosis Technical Instructions for Civil Surgeons require reporting individuals diagnosed with LTBI to the health department of the patient's residence.

Please complete the data collection tool below for patients that:

1. Have been diagnosed with LTBI

2. Have abnormal imaging not consistent with TB and need to be seen by our clinic for further evaluation.

For those with abnormal x-rays concerning for tuberculosis, please continue to alert us. The information (e.g. radiology report) can be faxed to 206-744-4350 or you can call us at 206-744-4579 and press option 1 to be taken to our intake line.

Please inform the applicant that you will be sharing their LTBI diagnosis with Public Health Seattle & King County and that they can expect a follow-up text message about LTBI.

LTBI diagnosis will not affect their application for status adjustment, but they are strongly recommended to consider treatment to prevent progression to active TB disease.

Thank you!

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