This scale is designed to evaluate the qualities of the written report and/or oral presentation of a scholarly project or master's thesis with respect to the following four MS program goals:

  1. Create and/or evaluate technology-based tools to improve all aspects of patient care, including safety, management of illness, communication and efficiency of care delivery
  2. Efficiently use information systems and computing tools and professional practices in the context of health care organizations and services
  3. Design and analyze team leadership strategies for clinical informatics
  4. Design and implement a scholarly project and evaluate findings according to standard research methods.


The committee member with the most information is asked to complete this form when the student completes the thesis. Please rate the student's competency on the following items based on your assessment of the student having met the previously listed four goals. Use the following 5-point scale or indicate N/A (Not/Applicable) to rate each item. Data will become a part of the student database as well as be used for the summative evaluation of our MS program.

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