We receive many requests for financial support and always try to balance need with available funds. We give priority to interprofessional students who otherwise couldn't participate and who have limited alternative funding sources. Please share as much about your situation as you feel comfortable. Your answers are confidential and only viewed by the program Co-Directors and staff.

We will review all scholarship applications after our admissions decisions. Be sure to also submit your program application by July 15th if you have not already done so. https://pctc.uw.edu/application

As you explore funding options, these are other sources that prior students have used to support this training:

  • Financial aid/student loans (for eligible students concurrently enrolled in a degree-granting program)¬†
  • Continuing Education funds through work or professional organizations
  • Institutional grant support or funds from other awards / scholarships
  • Funds from department / organization to support institution goals or professional development¬†
  • Gifts from friends, family, crowdsourcing campaigns¬†
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