The SARS-CoV-2 global pandemic has spurred interest in and provided the opportunity for researchers, public health/government agencies, utility organizations, and other groups to utilize established and new methods for the surveillance of pathogenic organisms in wastewater. Whether it was building on the historical successes of strategies and protocols employed in the environmental surveillance (ES) of poliovirus and other pathogens, or developing new and innovative collection and detection strategies, many cities, states/provinces, and countries around the world have rushed to implement this wastewater-based epidemiological (WBE) approach. With this expanded use of WBE methods by new and experienced groups alike, we are hoping this survey will capture the challenges inherent in ES activities and the lessons learned by global practitioners so that we can better prepare for future outbreaks or pandemics.

The University of Washington and PATH are collaborating on this research activity. PATH is a global non-profit organization dedicated to health equity and the University of Washington is a public flagship research university with a world-renowned School of Public Health.

We thank you in advance for completing this voluntary survey. You are being asked to participate as your experiences and knowledge will provide valuable insight in the global application of ES. The survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete, depending on the responses you provide. There are 7 sections to the survey, with some being a lot shorter than others. You can save your progress and return to complete a survey section at another time. However, once you submit a completed survey section, you cannot modify your responses.

If you are unable to answer all the questions, please consider sharing the survey link with other members of your group. If multiple members of your team can answer different sections/questions of the survey, your group may submit a single survey with all the responses in one survey submission (preferred) or multiple submissions with different sections completed by different team members.

Any comments supportive of your survey responses can be included in the General Feedback section at the end of the survey. If various members of your team answer/complete different sections of this survey via multiple submissions, we would greatly appreciate your including a note about this in the General Feedback section and listing the members of your team who have submitted responses to the survey.

All raw survey responses will be kept private and not shared beyond the immediate study team. Survey results that are shared in project reports, publications or presentations will be aggregated and anonymized, so your information will not be linked to you.

Unless noted otherwise, the survey questions have been written in present tense for ease. If your ES activities have already taken place or will be taking place in the future, please assume the appropriate tense.

Thank you in advance for filling out this survey!

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