We are inviting you to participate in an online survey for a research study: “Tele-Mental Health and Task Sharing in Primary Care.” The study is led by Dr. Brenna Renn, Dr. Oleg Zaslavsky, and Frances Chu at the University of Washington.

The goal of this research is to better understand behavioral/mental health care in primary care, especially in light of COVID-19 and ensuing practice changes.

We hope that the results of this survey may inform development of strategies and programs that could help support primary care practices in this difficult time. The results of this study will also be important in informing development of a future grant proposal to design optimal telemedicine programs for primary care practices.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary and you can stop at any time. We estimate that the survey will take 15-30 minutes to complete. All responses are confidential. When we report results of this study, data will be grouped together with that from other respondents. No individual participants or organizations will be identified.

Participants who choose to share their email at the end of the survey will be entered into a lottery for either (1) one of forty $50 electronic Tango gift cards or (2) one of ten $100 electronic Tango gift cards. These participants will be directed to a separate link to enter their email address, ensuring this information is kept separate from their study data. A member of the study team will contact winning entries by email.

Contact information:

For questions about the research, complaints, or problems, contact Oleg Zaslavsky, PhD at ozasl@uw.edu.

For questions about your rights as a research participant contact the University of Washington Human Subjects Division at (206) 543-0098 or call collect at (206) 221-5940.

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