Each residency program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) records annual Milestone ratings for their residents. The Milestones are formative assessments of your progress during residency. As part of providing feedback to medical schools, ACGME currently releases individual, de-identified Milestone ratings from the end of intern year. These ratings allow us to compare the performance of UWSOM graduates to residents nationally for each specialty. However, we cannot currently match Milestone ratings with individual student records because the data is de-identified.

Please let us know below whether you agree to let ACGME provide your identified Milestone data to UWSOM. With this identified data, we will better be able to determine which aspects of our curriculum contribute the most to success in residency. This data will only be used by UWSOM faculty/staff for quality improvement. Your individual identified Milestone data will never be released publicly, it would only ever be released in de-identified, aggregated form to the UWSOM community.

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