Thank you for your interest in the University of Washington Psychological Services and Training Center, which includes the Marsha M. Linehan DBT Clinic, the LEARN Clinic, the Parent Child Clinic, and the CALM Clinic.

If you are having an emergency, please do not complete this form. Instead, call 911 or the King County mental health crisis line (988), or go to your nearest emergency department immediately. 

Responses submitted using this form are generally viewed during regular business hours, and you can typically expect to be contacted by clinic staff within 1 week. If you would prefer to provide this information by phone, please call (206) 543-6511. 

Please note that the therapists in our clinics are doctoral students in clinical psychology, who are closely supervised by licensed practitioners. Since we are a training clinic, we are unable to accept insurance. We have a two-tier fee schedule based on income.


**Please note that as of December 2022, the LEARN Clinic is NOT currently accepting new clients to the waitlist. You are welcome to check back again in October 2023 if you are still looking for an evaluation. 


*If you are a parent/guardian filling out this form for your child, please put the child's information in the "Prospective client name" section. 

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