We woud like to invite you to join the community partner group for our Maternal Mortality Review Panel (MMRP) Across WA Action Development Project. Funded through the Washington Department of Health (DOH), this 10-month project will build on the work of MaMHA and previous MMRP Across Washington convenings to develop, through community collaboration, an actionable plan focused on improving maternal mortality rates in the state of Washington. This project is led by Dr. Ian Bennett at the University of Washington (Departments of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health and Family Medicine). 

For more information, see the attached flyer.




We will also be holding an information session via Zoom on February 23, 2024 from 12 - 1 PM Pacific Time.

Please complete the following form to let us know if you would like to participate in our ongoing efforts to address the primary causes of maternal mortality in Washington state. 

Thank you!

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