OnCore CTMS Access Onboarding/Offboarding/Modification Request


This form should be used for:
  • UW, Fred Hutch, and Legacy SCCA employees to gain access to protocol documents
  • Study staff supervisors to request access to OnCore for new staff or modify access for existing staff
  • To request a departed staff member's account to be deactivated


Upon approval of your request by the Access Review Committee (ARC), the staff member will be notified by email of any user attestations and training required for their access level. Once all necessary attestations and training have been completed, the approved permissions will be activated and the user will be notified. (Note that "view-only" access does not require training.)


If you need help completing this form please contact the CTMS Program Office at ctms@fredhutch.org or (206) 667-2868.


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