A $5,000 de Tornyay Center Healthy Aging scholarship will be awarded to masters students to pursue a research or investigative project related to healthy aging/gerontology during Autumn 2022-Spring 2023. Funds are unrestricted and are intended to support students while doing their research. Eligible students must be enrolled in a master's program in nursing at UW Bothell or Tacoma and have a faculty mentor to guide their research.

Selection for this award is based on the following criteria:
* Relevance to gerontology, aging
* Significance of the proposed project
* Feasibility for project completion by the end of the current academic year
* Professional commitment to gerontology
* Quality of the application, including answering application questions and proofreading
* Only applications submitted by the deadline will be considered

In addition, preference is given to those who:
* Need financial assistance
* Have not received a previous Healthy Aging Scholarship
* Plan to graduate in the next 12 months

Due by Thursday, October 20th, 5:00pm, Your mentor must review and approve your application by this deadline.

Once you complete the survey, please check "Save & Return Later", NOT "Submit". Then please enter your mentor's email address to "survey link for returning". Your completed response will be sent to your mentor, and your mentor will submit the survey, once they have reviewed your responses.

For additional information, please see the "Scholars" section of the de Tornyay Center website (www.agingcenter.org); email: agingctr@uw.edu; tel: (206) 616-4276.

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